All our mock exam blocks have a choice of GL Assessment or Catholic style of exam.
All mock exams will take place at Altrincham Football Club Community Hall, Moss Lane, WA15 8AP.

If the mock exam you want to book is sold out, please call Kieran on 07889524034 to enquire about any last minute spaces that may have become available.

Current exam styles for Grammar Schools:-

GL Catholic
Sale Grammar
Altrincham Girls Grammar
Altrincham Boys Grammar
St Ambrose

*Loreto and St Ambrose have been known to write their own papers rather than using official GL Assessment papers. However, this type of mock exam should be the most appropriate when preparing for the entrance exams for these schools. All of Newell Tuition’s mock exams are multiple choice papers however the final exam at Loreto and St Ambrose is likely to contain non-multiple choice papers.

We run 5 sets of papers. Each set of papers has a choice of GL or Catholic and the papers do not repeat any of the same questions.

We do not write new papers every year. If you have saved a mock exam paper from a previous child sitting one of our exams in previous years or have been provided with a copy then it will be the same paper as the one your child will sit this year. No refunds will be given to pupils who have seen the paper before. We strongly advise against using our mock exam papers to prepare for our mock exams.

If you wish to pay by cheque, please contact Kieran on 07889524034.

Our exams are subject to change to keep them in line with the schools exams.

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Run Through Sessions

Following each mock exam we will be running group sessions at which we will go over the mock exam papers with your child. If you would like us to go over the papers with your child, please book a Run Through Session for the appropriate mock exam block.

Our exams are designed to give your child the opportunity to experience a mock exam day, using Trafford Grammar Schools` entrance exam style questions, within a realistic exam day environment. We hold five different sets of exams which take place during the months of April, May, June, July and August/September. The exam papers include Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, English and Maths.

We use unique papers written by qualified teachers at Newell Tuition.

Why do a mock exam?

11plusentranceexams are mock exams run by Newell Tuition. Newell Tuition have been writing their own mock papers for the past ten years, ensuring they are unique papers set to the level of the papers used in the actual entrance exams.

When children sit the Grammar school entrance exams, they are still at a stage in their school life where they have not done any external exams. The opportunity to undertake mock exams gives them a chance to gain this experience in an unfamiliar and potentially overwhelming environment but without the pressure of the actual exam. As with any new experience, confidence grows with familiarity and thus mock exam experience can only advantage a child when they face the actual exams in September and October.

During the mock exams, we also feel it is imperative to guide the children with regards to exam conduct and exam technique. Throughout the morning, the director in charge of the exam will give the children tips which may help them deal with the actual exams in a more confident manner.

As a company we are very proud of the product we deliver and have a firm belief in helping children to reach their potential.

What happens on the day?

We usually undertake our mock exams in the morning as this most accurately reflects the time schedule for the real exams.

It is our aim to run the day as closely as possible to the the ‘real time’ schedule. However, as the actual entrance exams do vary from school to school, it is impossible for us to reflect the format of every Grammar school.

The mock exam experience starts with registration of your child (usually at 9:00am) with the registrar. One of our staff will then show your child into the exam room after checking whether they need a visit to the toilet.

Once all the candidates are in the exam room, exam conditions prevail. The staff from Newell Tuition are presented to the children and a short talk follows about the real entrance exams. This short presentation allows your child to settle in and hopefully control their nerves! A short explanation is then given of how the mock exam will be conducted.

The children are asked to check they have two pencils and a rubber (which are provided by us) and to check they have the correct paper in front of them. They are then instructed to write their name on the front of the question paper. Finally, the instructions on the front of the paper are read out and the children begin the test. They are given the time when the test begins and then are given time warnings half way through the test and also when five minutes are left (this is slightly different with the Non-Verbal where there is half time warning and a minute warning, although this will probably not happen in the actual exam). Once the time is up, we end that test and collect the papers.  This procedure is repeated for all the papers.

There will be a short break during the mock exam, which usually takes place half way through.  During the actual exams, there will be a break but this varies from school to school depending upon their time schedule.

We ask parents to be present by the notified time to collect their children.

What happens after the exam?

One of the main aims of the exams is to provide as much information as possible to allow forward planning of your child’s preparation for the actual entrance exams.

After the exam day, the papers go through a rigorous marking procedure. Once this has been done, the scores are then entered into our exams database where we calculate the average for the group and then standardise the scores.

We aim to provide a full report on your child’s results within four days of the mock exam. This report is emailed to the email address provided to us, together with a copy of the marking schemes and an explanation of standardisation.

After each set of mock exam, your child’s papers will be taken home to enable you/your child’s tutor to go over the errors and improve on the necessary areas.

All exams are subject to change to keep in line with the Grammar Schools Entrance Exams.

We currently only run exams in the TRAFFORD area, but we are working to expand into other regions. Please return to our website to check if your region has been added.

Alternatively, you may contact Kieran direct if you feel a Mock Exam in your region would be beneficial. He will then direct one of our staff members to liaise with you and research your specific requirements.

We have a no refund policy on our mock exams, you do have a 7 day cancellation period from the date you make your booking. If you wish to cancel please contact Kieran on 07889524034 or

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