Unlike other agencies, we offer a tailor-made, yearlong course based on decades of experience within the industry and tutoring for the 11-plus. Using bespoke materials written by us specifically for the 11+, we will cover all subjects that appear in the exams with your student, which are currently Verbal Reasoning (both the traditional GL style and the CEM/Durham University & Cambridge University style), Non-Verbal Reasoning, Maths and English. We also provide support for creative writing, vocabulary building and efficient exam techniques, and tutoring entrance for independent and private schools (St Bedes, Manchester Grammar, etc.).  All tuition from Newell is given on a 1-to-1 basis so that your child’s individual needs can be met and their improvements can be monitored effectively. Lessons will last for one hour, with five minutes at the end to discuss feedback.  Biweekly lessons are also available to book.


Upon starting tuition with us, your child will be thoroughly assessed in Maths (Year 5) or Maths and English (Year 4). It will be made clear where each pupil is rated in their studies and the areas they need to be improving in.
The 11+ path is not always suitable for every child; however, we pride ourselves on honest feedback. We are not a company that works on statistics or pass rates and are happy to support and tutor any eager pupil.


Once tuition begins, we spend approximately 5 – 6 months covering our course material. This means that we teach and supply pupils with the knowledge they will need to attempt exam papers. Once we have covered the material, we then focus on practice papers to consolidate all the new information and give each pupil practice for the real thing.


We also provide mock exams and summer schools to offer a fully rounded course and ensure that children are entirely prepared. The mocks run from April until the penultimate weekend of the Trafford exams, using bespoke papers and specialising in CEM and GL-Assessment style exams.  We offer an additional run-through of the mock on the subsequent weekend, giving your child a chance to learn the most effective and efficient methods for completing their exam.  Over the summer, from the end of July – September, we offer our summer school course, complete with exam-relevant topics in each area of study for the 11 plus.  For more information, visit our summer school and mock exam tabs.


If you want to sign up for our tuition services or have any questions, please get in touch. All details are on our contact us page.